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Cooking BlogCafeMozartOnline is a website made just for you. As a woman who loves cooking, I want to share all of the amazing tips, tricks, and recipes that I come across with other woman or anyone who is willing and interested. Some of the recipes I’ve tried on a whim that I got from friends, family members, cook books, or the internet have worked out perfectly, and I want to share the best of the best with you.

A Little Bit About Myself

My name is Carol Arlington and I am an ex-restaurant manager turned stay-at-home mom. Feeding my family of six isn’t easy, but it can be a lot of fun. I enjoy testing out new recipes on my family just as much as they enjoy eating them. I try to avoid unhealthy food, but some dessert recipes are just too good to resist!

The thing about cooking that I love most is watching people gobble up my food. It’s very satisfying to finish making a meal and admire how beautiful it all looks, but hearing the “mmmm” and “yummmm” sounds of family or friends eating always makes me smile. Since you have an interest in cooking too, I’m sure you know what I mean. And for all of you single ladies, you knew very well you can win a man’s heart through his stomach! Try some of my recipes and see how it goes ?

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