My Go-To Item in the Kitchen!

Rice Cooker

My Go-To Item in the Kitchen!

Buying a good, hefty, efficient and dependable rice cooker has always been a challenge. As someone who used to make rice in a boiling pot of hot water, rice cookers have definitely freed up so much more time that I can devote to my work, friends, and family. But sometimes, at the expense of convenience, rice may just not taste as good, and this has certainly been the issue for me when it comes to getting a rice cooker.

Going out to buy the best rice cooker certainly requires a bit of research, but after having gone through numerous rice cookers, there are certainly a few things your cooker should have.

The first is that the cooker should be as quiet as possible. Older cookers often make unnecessary noises which can definitely become frustrating as you’re chopping away at vegetables or trying to concentrate on something else. Luckily, many newer rice cookers luckily take care of that with no problems.

A few more important qualities of a rice cooker certainly revolves around the maximum capacity of the cooker. For me, having many people come over often means that my rice cooker definitely has to be as big as possible, usually requiring at least 6 cups of rice. This size has definitely been right on, as I always find myself finishing each batch of rice whenever guests are over!

Another important thing for me is the amount of time it takes to make my rice. Again, with having people over frequently, I don’t like to leave them in the dining room waiting around hungrily! That’s why my rice cooker has a pressure cooking option, to ensure that batches of rice come out as quickly as possible and so people can chow down just as fast!

Lastly, probably just as important as the characteristics mentioned so far, is ensuring my rice cooker is dishwasher safe. After huge meals, I hate having to take out time from my schedule to hand wash items in the kitchen, especially since I have a brand new dishwasher that’s just waiting to be used. Cookers that are dish washer safe mean that I can simply remove the lid, give it a quick rinse, and then have it finished up in the dishwasher without me even having to think much about it. And this certainly means that I can spend more time with my guests after a delicious meal.

A few of the best rice cookers that I’ve recently used include the “Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker,” which as the name suggests, comes equipped with a pressure cooking option as well as a host of other useful features such as reheating any leftovers that may be lying around.

Needless to say, having that as my main rice cooker has definitely saved time and energy in the kitchen so I can spend it enjoying myself with friends and family.

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