In 13 hours, my hubby and I will be leaving for Redmond, Oregon to stay at the Eagle Crest Resort for our 4th anniversary which is on Thursday. Sometimes I cant believe its only been four years- I guess Tim and I are old souls. We desperately need a break and this could not have come at a better time.

Yesterday I made some delicious Paleo blueberry muffins but I cannot remember where I saw the recipe!! Eek. So, I am openly admitting this is not my recipe, but some genius who knows coconut flour better than I do.

I also made some uh-may-zing goat cheese and spinach stuffed chicken thighs. They were soooo good Tim ate them straight out of the pan (ok, so I did too). I paired them with whipped creamy sweet was a feast of the carb fanatics for sure.

Did I mention that my Magic Bullet blew up when I was making my morning buttered coffee?? Yup, butter, coffee and water all over my kitchen. So, I got a new one from Costco. It came with huge cups, multiple blades and a blender attachment. Kitchen geek heaven.

Heavenly Coconut Blueberry Muffins