Red Copper Pan

Pans are required for practically every time of cooking preparation, and therefore have to stand up to the test of time and use. Most pans will often have to be replaced over and over due to minor mishaps or scratches. However, more people are now utilizing copper pans because of their durability, safety, and ease when cooking. And one such copper pan has been overwhelmingly reliable is the “red copper pan.” The following are a few reasons why the red copper pan is such a great addition to any kitchen.

Conduction of Heat is Amazing

Copper pans in general are amazing at conducting heat, allowing for foods to be cooked quicker and more evenly. Also, because copper is able to cool down faster, it will respond extremely well when you decide to lower the temperature on the stove, allowing you to have reliable control over how your food is being cooked. The red copper pan is nothing less of excellent at doing this same thing.

No More Worrying About Food Sticking

The red copper pan truly is a non-stick pan, free from toxic coatings that plague many other types of pans. However, the non-stick coating does start to fade away after some time, with this process being accelerated the more you use it. But if you plan on only using this pan for a few times a week, then this shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

Always use a bit of oil before cooking something in the pan however, to ensure nothing actually sticks. This property of the pan makes it extremely easy to wash, although the red copper pan is not actually dishwasher safe so a quick wash by hand is the best way to go.

Unreactive With Foods

This is something shared with many copper pans, as the material of the pan is non-reactive with acidic foods, so you don’t have to worry about how much citrus you’re using in your dishes. However, it should be noted that if for some reason you do end up scratching the inner lining of the pan, the pan should be immediately replaced. Even though many individuals believe that the red copper pan is scratch resistant against any utensil, rough use can eventually lead to scratches and expose the underlying metal making this pan unusable afterwards.

Final Thoughts

The red copper pan is great in terms of heating up evenly and cooling down rapidly, ensuring that the cooking process of any meal goes quickly and efficiently. Also, the great durability of the pan can help it withstand a bit of rough use, but do expect this to diminish as time goes on. As with any pan, avoid using utensils against the inner lining the pan, as this could easily scratch it up and potentially lead to harmful materials being in your food then next time you use it. Lastly, the non-stick property of the pan helps drastically when it comes time to clean up, but avoid using the dishwasher as the pan isn’t completely dishwasher safe. By using the pan in a smart way, you can be sure that it will last you a long time before needing to replace it!